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What this website is about

Posted by Simon Kaufmann on June 13, 2020 · 1 min read

Why a blog?

While I try new things and get information about them on the internet, I often visit websites of private persons or organizations who try to explain something to me. Without such blogs or forums I would not be at the level of knowledge I am today.

The blog you are reading right now is a perfect example of this, because without such tips and tricks it wouldn’t exist. Apart from that, I wouldn’t be able to control my devices from different manufacturers with Openhab (a home automation software - Visit Openhab), wouldn’t know anything about Linux and how computers work in general and probably wouldn’t be at this point in my professional life as well.

I would like to write down my findings and my own experiences here and hope they will be of use to someone one day.

Thanks for reading!